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"Вечность есть играющее дитя, которое расставляет шашки: царство (над миром) принадлежит ребёнку". Гераклит

Napoleon’s runaway from Moscow to Paris   



1. Nd2+ Ka2 2. Nc3+ Ka3 3. Ndb1+ Kb4 4. Na2+ Kb5 5. Nbc3+ Ka6 6. Nb4+... "One should have block Napoleon’s way by the Queen, by moving it to а8. Then Napoleon would not be able to run to Paris, but would have been checkmated". 6. ... Ka7 7. Nb5+ Kb8 8. Na6+ Kc8 9.Na7+ Kd7 10. Nb8+ Ke7 11. Nc8+ Kf8 12. Nd7+ Kg8 13. Ne7+ Kh8 14. Kg2# 1-0
А. Petrov, 1824 year.


On November 11, 1812 (old style) Napoleon happened to be on the banks of Berezina river together with the remnants of his army. There were 36 thousand men under arms, 36 thousand unarmed men, 150 cavalry squadron and the sacred squadron (of 500 people). Orders had been issued about the construction of the bridges by Studyanka village. Napoleon managed to mislead the Danube Army Commander Admiral P.V. Chichagov. On November 14 river crossing of the troops began. The temperature was -14°C and there was floating of ice on Berezina river. On Novemebr 16 the attack of Platov and Ermolov began. The losses of the enemy were: 10 thousand people killed and wounded, 15 thousand were captivated.